Guildhall is the heart of the City, with parts dating from at least 1411 it is almost certain that an earlier Guildhall existed on the site from well before the Norman conquest in 1066. The Guildhall is actually a complex of buildings that surround a central courtyard that was the location of an amphitheatre in Roman times.

The main Guildhall building is the scene for many important occassions of state, and is regularly used as a venue for lavish banquets as well as the regular meetings of the Court of Common Council.

Within the Guildhall complex there is a library, an art gallery, council offices and several halls (large rooms suitable for dining) that are used for diffent events in the City calendar. There is one large chamber named the Livery Hall that was intended as a base for those Livery Companies that do not own their own hall, but the idea never took root and today most Livery Companies that don’t own a hall rent space in the hall of another company. 

The main entrance to the Guildhall taken from Guildhall yard and showing the Hindo-Gothic doorway.

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